June 21st 2018: Decisions by the Court

Again, bad news from the fourth day of the trial in the court in Istanbul: Taner Kılıç stays in detention, although two police investigation reports were handed in, which confirm that Taner did not use the so-called Bylock-App at all, which was the main evidence against him. The next trial date was set for Noveber 11th, for Taner Kılıç as well as for the Istanbul10.

With more then 4 hours of delay the trial day started last Thursday at 1pm. First, one of the translators from the workshop on Büyükada was heard. He did not bring new statements against the Istanbul10, but rather weakened his own earlier statements. Subsequently a secret witness was interrogated via video with pixelated image and distorted voice. Although he did not take back his earlier critical statements, he could not remember any of them, went into contradicting himself and was not very cooperative with the judges’ and lawyers’ questions. Both witnesses were questioned by the judges as well as the lawyers.

Afterwards Taner Kılıç was called upon to testify in his defence. The judge interrupted him after half an hour to explain, that the court had received the 2nd report by the cyber crime investigation unit, which also stated, that Taner Kılıç did not download nor use Bylock. Although the court had asked for a confirmation of this issue on short notice, it arrived on time.

All petitions by the lawyers for Taner Kılıç’s release and for dropping the cases, as the evidences now were definitely not sufficient for the indictment, were rejected by the court. Also a petition for the separation of the cases of Taner Kılıç and the Istanbul10 was rejected.

After a long break the judges announced their decision, that the detention of Taner Kılıç continues and the trial will continue on November 7th.

So what is left now after this disappointing and inhumane decision is the continuation and reiteration of our solidarity with Taner Kılıç and his family and friends! During the next days and weeks the Istanbul10 together with their lawyers will reflect what legal and other steps are necessary now.

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