19 February 2020 | Court decides on new date: April 3rd

Everybody expected the verdicts for this day. But after nearly seven hours of defense statements of the #Istanbul10 present and of a part of our lawyers the court decided to finish "on time" and adjourned the hearing to April 3rd 2020. At least still this year. If this decision is related to the events of the day before is interpretation.


On February 18th, Osman Kavala and other of the so called Gezi-trial were acquitted. Osman had been the only one of the group, who was still detained and therefore would have to be released. But instead a new detention order was issued due to another case against him, which was equally unfounded. So family and supporters waited in vain in front of Silivri prison. He was taken directly from prison to the police headquarters in istanbul. After one night there, he was transferred back to Silivri, with a new arrest order: Psychological torture. Additionally an inquiry against the judges who passed the acquittal was initiated; the long arm of politics into the judiciary.

The defense speaches by the #Istanbul10 present were powerful and impressive. Here some of them:

Ilknur Üstün:

"No progress can be achieved without the work of human rights defenders. Defending human rights cannot be criminalised. Not here and not anywhere in the world. The prosecutor's request for my acquittal is correct. We are all in the same position, we must be all acquitted."

Günal Kurşun:

Punishment is to bring us into line. I am sorry to say whether I am acquitted or convicted I will continue my work as a human rights defender. I request all of our acquittals.

We are human rights defenders. We don't do this for material gratification. We do it to defend people's rights. We are honourable people. By attempting to criminalise us, our reputation is being damaged. This is really painful to us.

Many thanks to Milena Buyum of Amnesty International for the twitter translations from the court room!

Due to the adjournement I cancelled the press conference together with Amnesty International in Berlin and also the leftover media work became superfluous. Now it's again up to us to continue to spend the coming time until April 3rd in this state of suspense, which is extremely exhausting - especially for the #Istanbul10 in Turkey. Together with our lawyers - who are also annoyed by this delay and have to find new strength - we are now preparing for the coming hearing.

Thank you all so much for the loads of solidarity, which empowered us in so many ways!

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